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Campaigns - U.K.
>Viva Vegan - U.K.
>Action You Can Take Vegan - U.K.
>Charity Checker Vegan - U.K.
>Choose Vegan Vegan - England
>Ethical Boycott List Vegan - U.K.
>Evolve Vegan - England
>GM Watch Vegan - England
>Go Cruelty Free Vegan - U.K.
>Go Vegan Vegan - England
>I'm Piggles Vegan - U.K.
>London Vegan Campaigns Vegan - England
>Made in Hackney Vegan - England
>Midlands Vegan Campaigns Vegan - England
>Movement for Compassionate Living Vegan - Wales
>Milk Myths Vegan - England
>Not Tested Vegan - U.K.
>The Butcher's Cat Vegan - England
>The Ecovegan Society Vegan - U.K.
>The Meat Wagon Vegan - U.K.
>The Vegan Approach Vegan - England
>Uncaged Vegan - England
>Veganuary - Vegan Challenge Vegan - England
>Veganarchy UK Vegan - U.K.
>Vegan Month Vegan - England
>Victims of Charity Vegan - U.K.
>White Lies Vegan - U.K.

Campaigns - Australia

>Orange for Vegans Vegan - Australia
>Speak For Animals Vegan - Australia

Campaigns - Canada

>BeVeg Vegan - Canada
>Earthsave Vegan - Canada
>Go Vegan Vegan - Canada
>Vegan Start Vegan - Canada

Campaigns - World

>A.A.V.A. Vegan - New Zealand
>AgireOra Vegan - Italy
>Elated Vegan - South Africa
>BUAV Primate Campaign
>Counting Animals
>Dairy Cow Diary
>Dairy Kills
>Empty The Tanks
>Go Vegan New Zealand Vegan - New Zealand
>Cruelty Free International
>Meat Video
>Party For The Animals Vegan - Netherlands
>TAVS Pin Campaign
>Veganarchism Vegan - Veganarchism, Veganarchy
>Vegan Future
>Vive Vegano
>We Are Weaned Vegan - Germany

Campaigns Days

>Animals in Laboratories
>Meat Free Monday
>Meat Free Week Vegan - Australia
>World Go Vegan Week
>World Vegan Bake Sale
>Worldwide Meat Free Day

Vegan Prisoners

>Support Vegans in the Prison System
>Vegan Prisoners Support Group

Campaigns - U.S.A.
>10 Billion Lives Tour Vegan - U.S.A.
>Choose Veg Vegan - U.S.A.
>Compassionate Action for Animals Vegan - U.S.A.
>Egg Industry Vegan - U.S.A.
>FarmKind Vegan - U.S.A.
>Food Is Power Vegan - U.S.A.
>Forks Over Knives Vegan - U.S.A.
>Free From Harm Vegan - U.S.A.
>Gentle World Vegan - U.S.A.
>Go Dairy Free Vegan - U.S.A.
>Go Vegan Now Vegan - U.S.A.
>Green Vegans Vegan - U.S.A.
>Humane Myth Vegan - U.S.A.
>Live Vegan Vegan - U.S.A.
>Lobsa Vegan - U.S.A.
>McCruelty Vegan - U.S.A.
>Meat Free Zone Vegan - U.S.A.
>Meatout Vegan - U.S.A.
>Milk Is Cruel Vegan - U.S.A.
>Milk Myth Vegan - U.S.A.
>NotMilk Vegan - U.S.A.
>Plants & Animals Denver Vegan - U.S.A.
>Simply Vegan Vegan - U.S.A.
>Speak Out for Species Vegan - U.S.A.
>Team Vegan Vegan - U.S.A.
>The No Milk Page Vegan - U.S.A.
>The Vegan People Vegan - U.S.A.
>The Vegan Bus Vegan - U.S.A.
>Try Vegan PDX Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan Action Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan Outreach Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan Pamphlet Vegan - U.S.A.
>Veggie Pride Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan Soapbox Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan University Vegan - U.S.A.
>What People Think Vegans Eat Vegan - U.S.A.
>21 Day Vegan Kickstart Vegan - U.S.A.

Campaigns - Brazil

>AUIP Vegan - Brazil
>Instituton Nna Rosa Vegan - Brazil
>Não Mate Vegan - Brazil
>Veganos Pela Abolicao Vegan - Brazil
>W.S.P.A. Brazil Vegan - Brazil

Labelling Campaigns

>VeganOK - Vegan label
>Veg*n Food Labelling

Palm Oil
>Life Without Palm Oil
>Say No To Palm Oil Vegan - Australia

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