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Animal Sanctuaries - U.K.
>Farm Animal Rescue Vegan - England
>National Fox Welfare Vegan - England
>ABC Animal Sanctuary Vegan - England
>Animal Sanctuaries Index Vegan - U.K.
>Animal Care - Lancaster Vegan - England
>Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue Vegan - England
>Birmingham Greyhound Protection Vegan - England
>Bobtails Rabbit & Guinea Pig Vegan - England
>Bramley Animal Rescue Vegan - England
>Branston Bunny Animal Rescue Vegan - England
>Brent Lodge Bird & Wildlife Trust Vegan - England
>Brinsley Animal Rescue Vegan - England
>Brook Farm Vegan - England
>Buddies Bunny Rescue Vegan - Scotland
>Capricorn Animal Rescue Vegan - Wales
>Cuan House Vegan - England
>DogsTrust Vegan - U.K.
>Doris Banham Dog Rescue Vegan - England
>Donkey Heaven Vegan - Scotland
>Easterleigh Vegan - England
>Far Place Vegan - England
>Folly Wildlife Rescue Vegan - England
>Forget-Me-Not Vegan - England
>Freshfields Vegan - England
>F.R.I.E.N.D. Vegan - England
>Gables Farm Dogs' & Cats' Home Vegan - England
>Hillfields Vegan - England
>Hillside Vegan - England
>Hopefield Animal Sanctuary Vegan - England
>Hope Pastures Vegan - England
>Lancashire Hedgehog Care Vegan - England
>Leicester Wildlife Hospital Vegan - England
>Lizzie's Barn Animal Sanctuary Vegan - Wales
>Northants Greyhound Rescue Vegan - England
>North Clwyd Vegan - Wales
>North Devon Hedgehog Rescue Vegan - England
>Prickles Hedge Hog Rescue Vegan - England
>Rescue Me Vegan - England
>Retired Greyhound Trust Vegan - U.K.
>South East Dog Rescue Vegan - England
>Spikey Critters Vegan - England
>The Farm Animal Sanctuary Vegan - England
>The Monkey Sanctuary Vegan - England
>The Owl Sanctuary Vegan - England
>The Retreat Animal Rescue Vegan - England
>The Tortoise Garden Vegan - England
>Tia Greyhound Rescue Vegan - England
>Tiggywinkles Vegan - England
>Tower Hill Stables Vegan - England
>Vale Wildlife Centre Vegan - England
>Whitehall Dog Rescue Vegan - England
>Willows Vegan - Scotland
>Woolfwood - Lancaster Vegan - England

Animal Sanctuaries - U.S.A.
>CA - Animal Acres Vegan - U.S.A.
>CA - Animal Place Vegan - U.S.A.
>CA - Kitten Rescue Vegan - U.S.A.
>HI - Leilani Farm Sanctuary Vegan - U.S.A.
>NC - Full Circle Farm Sanctuary Vegan - U.S.A.
>NY - Asha Sanctuary Vegan - U.S.A.
>NY - Catskill Sanctuary Vegan - U.S.A.
>NY - Farm Sanctuary Vegan - U.S.A.
>NY - Woodstock Farm Vegan - U.S.A.
>OH - Lasa Sanctuary Vegan - U.S.A.
>OR - House of Dreams Vegan - U.S.A.
>VA - Dogue Hollow Vegan - U.S.A.
>VA - The White Pig Vegan - U.S.A.
>VT - VINE Sanctuary Vegan - U.S.A.
>WA - Pigs Peace Vegan - U.S.A.
>WI - Crane Foundation Vegan - U.S.A.

Animal Sanctuaries - Canada

>Oasis Animal Rescue Vegan - Canada
>Wishing Well Sanctuary Vegan - Canada

Animal Sanctuaries - Spain

>Asokoa Orihuela Vegan - Spain
>El Hogar De Luci Vegan - Spain
>Gochín Gochín Vegan - Spain
>Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary Vegan - Spain
>Protectora Oriolana Vegan - Spain

Animal Sanctuaries - World

>Liittle Oak Sanctuary Vegan - Australia
>Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary Vegan - Ireland
>Great Southern Care Wildlife Vegan - Australia
>Greek Animal Rescue Vegan - Greece
>Rancho dos Gnomos Vegan - Brazil
>Soama Vegan - Brazil>Turkish Animal Rescue Vegan - Turkey
>Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand Vegan - Thailand
>World of Birds Vegan - South Africa

Animal Rehoming

>Adopt-A-Turkey Project Vegan - U.S.A.
>Anihome Forum Vegan - U.K.
>Empty Cages Collective Vegan - U.S.A.
>Hull Animal Welfare Vegan - England
>Rabbit Rehome Vegan - U.K.
>Shelter Helper Vegan - U.K.
>S.O.S. Gatinhos Vegan - Brazil
>Wood Green Vegan - England


>British Hedgehog Society Vegan - U.K.
>Sam Simon Foundation Vegan - U.S.A.
>Hope Defined Animal Rescue Vegan - U.S.A.
>The Dog Food Project
>Vegan Cat Institute Vegan - U.S.A.
>VegePets - Information
>Wetnose Animal Support Vegan - England
>What’s Really in Pet Food Vegan - U.S.A.

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