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Business - U.K.
>Ecotricity Vegan - United Kingdom
>Clear Spring Vegan - England
>Continuum Designs - Beads Vegan - England
>Foods for Life Vegan - England
>Gaia's Kitchen - Courses Vegan - England
>London Vegan School Vegan - England
>Luna Testing Ltd Vegan - England
>Our Lizzy - Cookery School Vegan - England
>Personal Training Master Vegan - England
>Shari Black Velvet Vegan - England
>V Revolution Vegan - England

Business - U.S.A.

>Ape Man Foods Vegan - U.S.A.
>Blackdust Sculptures Vegan - U.S.A.
>Butler Foods Vegan - U.S.A.
>Chicago SoyDairy Vegan - U.S.A.
>Chicago Vegan Foods Vegan - U.S.A.
>Design Specimen - Jewelry Vegan - U.S.A.
>Éthique Nouveau Vegan - U.S.A.
>Karyn's Vegan - U.S.A.
>Leaf Ware Vegan - U.S.A.
>Living Light Culinary Arts Vegan - U.S.A.
>Lydia's Organics Vegan - U.S.A.
>Lyrical Foods Vegan - U.S.A.
>Mbroza Foods Vegan - U.S.A.
>Miami Vegan Vegan - U.S.A.
>Mom's Vegan Kitchen Vegan - U.S.A.
>Nattral Vegan - U.S.A.
>Natural Kitchen School Vegan - U.S.A.
>Oly VeganShop Vegan - U.S.A.
>One Degree Organics Vegan - U.S.A.
>Organic Nectars Vegan - U.S.A.
>Primal Spirit Foods Vegan - U.S.A.
>Rose Pedal's Vegan Weddings Vegan - U.S.A.
>Simple Fare Vegan - U.S.A.
>Spork Foods Vegan - U.S.A.
>Stretch Island Fruit CompanyVegan - U.S.A.
>Steven Marsh Digital Design Vegan - U.S.A.
>Surata Soyfoods Vegan - U.S.A.
>Taft Foodmasters Vegan - U.S.A.
>The Hearty Vegan Vegan - U.S.A.
>The Ital Emporium Vegan - U.S.A.
>The Vegan Effect Vegan - U.S.A.
>The Vegan Menu Vegan - U.S.A.
>The Vegan Road Vegan - U.S.A.
>The Write Cure - Copywriter Vegan - U.S.A.
>Thrive Foods Direct Vegan - U.S.A.
>Turtle Mountain - So Delicious Vegan - U.S.A.
>U.S. Veg Corp Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan FusionVegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan Gal Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan Honeymoons Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan In Virginia Consulting Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan MainstreamVegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan Presence Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan VictualsVegan - U.S.A.
>VegeUSA Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vegix Vegan - U.S.A.
>Wayfare FoodsVegan - U.S.A.
>WholeSoy Co Vegan - U.S.A.
>Yoga Loft Hawaii Vegan - U.S.A.

Business - Canada

>Concept Branding Vegan - Canada
>Green Leaf DistributionVegan - Canada
>Katie Van Den Berg Vegan - Canada
>Know Thy Food Vegan - Canada
>Nourished Inc. Vegan - Canada
>Panacea Eco ShopVegan - Canada
>Sunrise Soya Vegan - Canada
>VeganWebHosting Vegan - Canada
>Veggie Paradise Vegan - Canada

Vegan Chefs - U.K.
>Day Radley Vegan - England
>Eva Wilkinson Vegan - England
>Giancarlo Roncato Vegan - England Vegan - Italy
>The Friendly Food Company Vegan - England

Vegan Chefs - U.S.A.
>Beverly Lynn Bennett Vegan - U.S.A.
>Chloe Vegan - U.S.A.
>Frank Picchione Vegan - U.S.A.
>Homemade Levity Vegan - U.S.A.
>Jesse Miner Vegan - U.S.A.
>Kellis Roberts Vegan - U.S.A.
>Lawrence Vegan - U.S.A.
>Mary Lawrence Vegan - U.S.A.
>Mayra Vegan - U.S.A.
>Sally Owens - So Tasty Vegan Vegan - U.S.A.
>Sweet Potato Soul Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan Way Vegan - U.S.A.

Vegan Chefs - World
>Alexander Gershberg Vegan - Netherlands
>The Real Meal Vegan - Canada

Business - Australia
>Otis Beanery Vegan - Australia
>Addiction Food Vegan - Australia
>Vegan Revolution Vegan - Australia

Business - Brazil
>Alimentação sem carne Vegan - Brazil
>NutriVeg Consultancy Vegan - Brazil

Business - Ireland
>Dee's Wholefoods Vegan - Ireland
>Plant Based Foods Vegan - Ireland

Business - World
>Bamboo Vegan Vegan - Greece
>Carlos Vicent - Guitar Teacher
>Sayn Gourmet Vegan - Germany
>VG Kebab Vegan - France

Graphic Design, PR & Web

>Amanda Chronisters Vegan - U.S.A.
>Creative Soul Vegan - England
>Excellart Marketing Vegan - England
>fgvPR Vegan - United Kingdom
>Frank Duffy Vegan - Wales
>Gringo Starr Vegan - U.S.A.
>Mary Gabriel Design Studios Vegan - U.S.A.
>Stay Gold Creative Vegan - England
>Tasty Web Design Vegan - England
>Vegan Web Design Vegan - Australia

Grocery Stores - U.K.

>Birmingham - 100% Vegan Vegan - England
>Derby - Sound BitesVegan - England
>Leicester - Currant AffairsVegan - England
>Lincoln - Yellowbellys Vegan - England
>Liverpool - Purple Carrot Vegan - England
>Liverpool - Windmill Vegan - England
>Manchester - UnicornVegan - England
>Plymouth - Fairport Vegan - England
>Sheffield - Pure On Raw Vegan - England
>Southampton - Rice Up Vegan - England

Grocery Stores - U.S.A.

>CA - Republic of Vegan Vegan - U.S.A.
>CA - Never Felt Better Vegan - U.S.A.
>CA - Viva La Vegan Vegan - U.S.A.
>CO - Nooch Vegan Market Vegan - U.S.A.
>NC - Ecolicious Vegan - U.S.A.
>OR - Food Fight! Vegan - U.S.A.
>TX - Rabbit Food Grocery Vegan - U.S.A.
>WA - Sidecar For Pigs Peace Vegan - U.S.A.

Grocery Stores - World

>Amsterdam - Vegabond Vegan - Netherlands
>Austria - Maran Vegan Vegan - Austria
>Berlin - Veganz Vegan - Germany
>Dortmund - Vegilicious Vegan - Germany
>Toronto - Bello Bio Vegan - Canada
>Toronto - Panacea Eco Vegan - Canada

Grocery Stores - Australia
>Brunswick - The Radical Vegan - Australia
>Iku Whole Food Vegan - Australia

Vegan Lifestyle Coaches
>A,B,C, Vegan Vegan - U.S.A.
>Ecoveggy Vegan - U.S.A.
>Little Owl Herbivore Vegan - U.S.A.
>Main Street Vegan Vegan - U.S.A.
>Marlene Watson-Tara Vegan - England
>Move2Veg - Dietitian Vegan - U.S.A.
>PNW Vegan Vegan - U.S.A.
>Rich Roll Vegan - U.S.A.
>Seattle Veg Coach Vegan - U.S.A.
>Sharon Palmer, RD.Vegan - U.S.A.
>Sweetveg Vegan - U.S.A.
>Veeg Vegan - Canada
>Vegan Bite By Bite Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vegan Doctor Vegan - Australia
>Veganeze Vegan - England
>Vegan Sparkles Vegan - U.S.A.
>Vibrant Health Options Vegan - U.S.A.
>Your Veg Life Vegan - U.S.A.

Vegan Tattoo & Body Art
>5th Dimension Tattoo Vegan - England
>Gristle TattooVegan - U.S.A.
>James Spooner Vegan - U.S.A.
>Only You Tattoo Vegan - U.S.A.
>Scapegoat Tattoo Company Vegan - U.S.A.
>Stained Henna Body Art Vegan - U.S.A.
>White Rabbit Tattoo StudioVegan - U.S.A.

Vegan Funding
>VegFund Vegan - U.S.A.
>Wide Circle - Investment Vegan - U.S.A.
>Fund Small Vegan Businesses Vegan - U.S.A.

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